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The Infusion Plus Urinary Catheter Program supplies intermittent urinary catheters for patients that dealing with a wide variety of urological issues.  The Urinary Catheter program can supply patients with the following catheter types:


Straight Catheters                              Coude Catheters

Hydrophilic Catheters                       Discreet / Compact Catheters

Closed Catheters                                 Pocket Catheters

Straight Closed Kits                            Coude Closed Kits

Pediatric Catheters                              Insertion kits

Lubricant Packets


InfusionPlus will handle all patient paperwork that is needed.

InfusionPlus will handle all  prescriptions and medical documentation that will be need form the physician.

All supplies will be shipped to the patients home.

All patients will be called on a monthly basis to verify supplies on hand and replenish if necessary.


All referrals will be taken on a case by case basis depending on the patients insurance.