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Key points to remember while using the CADD-Solis

  • Located in the top right corner of the Solis are indicator lights

Green light:  Flashes when the pump is running and delivering medication.

Amber Light:  Flashes when the pump is stopped, an alarm exists, or the  battery reservoir volume is low.  If the amber light is continuously lit, you must contact your health care provider.  At times both the Amber and Green light may flash, this indicates that the pump is running but will require attention soon.

Red Light:  This warning requires immediate attention and the infusion has stopped.

Blue Light:  This warning is for low priority alarms and  informational messages.


  • Changing Cassette: Always clamp the tubing prior to cassette change. Make sure the pump is stopped.  Unlock cassette with key, if it is locked.  Push down on the cassette latch until the cassette detaches. Remove and discard. Obtain your new filled cassette. clamp tubing on the new set and power on pump.  Open the cassette latch. insert cassette hooks into the hinge pins on the bottom of the pump.  Push down on the cassette latch, and push up firmly on the cassette until it clicks into place.  Lift the cassette latch into the closed position. If the latch does not close easily, hooks are not in proper positon and cassette needs to be unlatched and repositioned for proper closure. Verify the cassette is attached properly by checking for gaps between the pump and cassette.
  • Prime the tubing: Do not prime tubing while attached to patient.  The tubing may already Be primed from pharmacy.  After cassette is attached, a “Prime tubing?” screen appears.  Confirm that the tubing is disconnected from patient, open clamps, and select “Prime”.  To stop priming, select “Stop Priming”. Ensure the tubing is free of all air pockets/bubbles.  It is now safe to set reservoir volume, connect to patient, and start pump.
  • For complete operation manual for the CADD-Solis, go to and review the information for the CADD-Solis.