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The Joey Pump is an Enteral delivery system. It is small, and can easily be placed in a backpack, or purse.



Key Points for use: Bags and sets are changed daily, keep pump plugged into a wall outlet as much as possible to limit battery use, clean pump weekly.

  • joeyLoading the pump: With the pump set: display facing you, open the blue transparent door that encloses the rotor and pump set loading area. Load pump set by holding the finger tab on the valve, then inserting the valve into the valve slot on left. Grasp the MISTIC retainer end (black ring retainer) and wrap the tubing counterclockwise around the rotor. Carefully pull the MISTIC retainer end left and upwards to position it over the slot on the left, and then lower the retainer into the slot.  Push down on the retainer then release to ensure proper engagement. Push the valve’s finger tab to the right to ensure proper seating. Close the blue transparent door, checking to make sure the valve finger tab is captured by the slot in the blue door.
  • Priming the pump: Display will read “SET LOADED”. The set may be primed with a single button push, including the flushing line, if a Feed and Flush set is loaded.  You may also prime manually by holding down button. Once primed and volume ready, you may attach to patient and start pump. Pump may be set to Intermittent or Continuousflow.