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The InfusionPlus Incontinence Program provides Diapers, Hybrid Diapers or Bedpads , gloves and wipes to patients dealing with urinary and/or bowel incontinence. Mississippi Medicaid will pay for these supplies for qualifying patients. Patients may have Medicaid as primary or secondary. Patients are allowed up to 180 diapers or bedpads per month. Patients may receive diapers or bedpads but not both.


InfusionPlus makes it easy for you:

  • We will contact the physician for all needed prescriptions and documentation that is needed
  • We will contact the patient or caregiver and handle all necessary paperwork
  • We will ship supplies directly to the patients home
  • We will contact the patient or caregiver on a monthly basis to check the quantity of supplies and  replenish if necessary


Patients must have the following diagnosis codes to qualify:

R32 - Urinary Incontinence awareness

N39.41 - Urge Incontinence

N39.3 - Stress Incontinence

N39.46 - Mixed Incontinence

N39.42 - Incontinence without sensory

N39.43 - Post Void Dribbling Dribbling

N39.44 - Nocturnal Enuresis

N39.45 - Continuous Leakage

The patient must also meet 2 of the following criteria:

___The patient is unable to control bowel or bladder Function

___The patient is unable to utilize toilet facilities due to a documented medical condition

___The patient is unable to physically turn or reposition self

___The patient is unable to transfer self from bed to chair or wheelchair without assistance