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The following training videos are available for viewing. Watching these videos is the easiest way to become familiar with the most important functions of Moog pumps.

pump-1The Curlin pump is an ambulatory multi-therapy electronic infusion pump.  It has numerous capabilities which include, Continuous flow, PCA, Subcutaneous, TPN, Intermittent, and Variable modes.  Frequent uses include but not limited to Antibiotics, TPN, Pain therapy, Hydration, etc..

KEYPAD FUNCTION ON/OFF: Turns pump on and off. When the pump is running, the PAUSE key must be used to stop infusion first. Then press the OFF key to turn pump off.

RUN/PAUSE: Starts or pauses the pump. When the pump is paused, pressing this key will resume pumping.

UP ARROW/ DOWN ARROW: Used to scroll through the display screens. NO/CHANGE: Rejects highlighted data.

YES/ENTER: Accepts highlighted data.

HELP/OPTIONS: Used to request and exit help screen when pump is paused, or go to options screen when pump is running.

 /SILENCE: Used to silence alarm for 1 minute intervals, and as a decimal point.

 PRIME/BOLUS: Used to prime fluid through the tubing to clear it of air. Also used to provide a bolus dose when pump is running.


Green- pump is running

Yellow- standby

Red- pump in alarm status



1. Install 2 new “C” size alkaline batteries (Duracell ProCell)

or connect Battery Pack, or AC adapter to port at bottom of pump.

2. Prepare IV bag and attach a new administration set.

3. Eliminate all air from the bag and the administration set (see PRIMING THE SET).

4. Install set and close pump door.

5. Attach set to venous access device using agency protocol.

NOTE: If a Check Valve Adapter is provided with your administration set, remove it from the package and connect it to the distal end of the set.



1. Fully open the door of the pump.

2. Close the slide-clamp on the administration set.

3. Activate the Integral “Flow-Stop” by twisting and removing the breakaway tab.

4. Insert the blue tubing guide into the receptacle on right side of pump in the direction of the blue arrow, positioning the tubing in front of the door hinge.

5. Center the tubing in the middle of the pumping fingers, covering the yellow dot.

6. Holding the yellow Integral “Flow-Stop” by the handle, insert it on an angle into the receptacle on the left side of the pump in the direction of the yellow arrow.

CAUTION: Do not press down on the top of the Integral “Flow-Stop” when inserting it into the receptacle. This action could inadvertently open the Integral “Flow-Stop” and allow fluid to flow through the tubing.

7. Open the slide-clamp on the administration set.

8. Push the tubing slightly into the black Air Detector slot.

9. Fully close the door of the pump and latch it securely.



CAUTION: Disconnect set from patient’s access site before priming. Sets with in-line ASV must be primed on the pump.

By Gravity:

1. Twist and remove breakaway tab from “Flow- Stop”.

2. Squeeze “Flow-Stop” between thumb and forefinger to allow fluid to flow through tubing.

By Pump:

NOTE: Set must be installed into the pump.

1. Release any clamps on the administration set.

2. Press and release PRIME key from “Run Options” menu

3. Press and hold the PRIME key until set is free of air; release key to stop (each prime cycle allows up to 6 mL of fluid).

4. When prime is complete, press YES/ENTER to exit the prime screen.

While a PCA infusion is running, the display will alternate between various information screens.

To interrupt or pause an infusion, press RUN/PAUSE key.




Press PAUSE, add another IV bag, select REPEAT Rx and confirm fields, or turn the pump off.

ALARM AIR-IN-LINE Remove air from administration set and IV bag. (Disconnect set from patient’s access site prior to using prime function.)

ALARM DOWN OCCLUSION Check administration set from the pump to patient’s access site for cause of occlusion. Correct obstruction per protocol. Consider changing the pressure setting from Low to High. When occlusion is resolved, the alarm will stop and pumping will resume.

ALARM SET NOT INSTALLED Install appropriate Curlin Medical administration set. Use ONLY Curlin Medical administration sets. See User’s Manual or IV set directions for proper installation instructions.

ALARM UNATTENDED PUMP To resolve, press RUN and resume the therapy or continue with operating procedure.

ALARM REPLACE SET 3 Replace set, prime set if necessary, select RESUME and press RUN when ready to begin.

ALARM UP OCCLUSION Check administration set from IV bag to pump for cause of occlusion. When ready to begin infusion, press PAUSE, select RESUME, and press RUN.

ALARM HIGH UP PRESSURE Check for excessive pressure on IV bag. When ready to begin infusion, press PAUSE, select RESUME, and press RUN.

ALARM DOOR OPEN Check placement of administration set and close pump door properly. See User’s Manual for instructions.

ALARM EMPTY BATTERY Press the pause key and turn pump off. Install 2 new “C” size alkaline batteries. ERROR CODE If an error code occurs, turn pump off and consult provider or manufacturer.